Rules of the Internal Regulations for Customers of the BarberShop "BLADES"

Dear customers!
We are glad that you have chosen our barbershop!
We appreciate your time, we respect your opinion about our work and we are proud to have your trust!
To make your stay in the barbershop "BLADES" bring you maximum pleasure, please observe the following rules:

  • You can book an appointment directly from the administrator of the barbershop "BLADES", pre-register by phone: 068 928 57 57 or by using the website;
  • Графік роботи з 9:00 до 19:00 без вихідних;
  • When pre-registering you have the right to choose a specialist. Your wishes on this subject should be addressed to the administrator of the "BLADES" barbershop;
  • When you book your appointment, be sure to tell the administrator about all the services you want to receive at “BLADES” Barbershop. This is necessary in order to schedule a time for your service;
  • If you are unable to visit our barbershop at your reserved time, the “BLADES” BarberShop administration asks that you cancel or change your visit right ahead of time or at least 2 hours in advance on the procedure day;
  • The “BLADES” Barber Shop administrator will confirm all prior appointments by phone in advance. Please answer the phone to clarify necessary information regarding your booked visit in advance, before visiting “BLADES” Barber Shop on the booked time and date.
  • You can also confirm your visit yourself, by any convenient way (phone call, text message, as well as through messages via Viber, Telegram chats). If the visit is not confirmed, the administration of the barbershop "BLADES" will cancel it unilaterally;
  • In the case of repeated delays in cancellation of the booked time of visiting the barbershop "BLADES", the administration reserves the right to refuse a prior appointment.
  • It is recommended to come to the barbershop "BLADES" 10 minutes before the start of the appointment;
  • Allowable time of late arrival is 10 minutes. Any tardiness may affect the duration of the procedure.
  • In case of a delay for more than 15 minutes, the visit can be rescheduled and the duration of the visit shortened by one or more treatments. The administration of “BLADES” BarberShop reserves the right to cancel the visit up to 100%.


The administration of the place has the right to unilaterally refuse service to the client.

Such cases may include:

  • Dirty, untidy appearance of the visitor, pungent, unpleasant odor;
  • Refusal of the client from the necessary pre-treatment: washing the head before haircut, styling;
  • Suspicion that the visitor is under the influence of alcohol or drugs;
  • Inadequate behavior of the visitor: aggressiveness, rudeness, vulgarity to others;
  • Appearance on the territory of the barbershop "BLADES" with alcoholic beverages;
  • The presence of open wounds, micro traumas on the body;
  • Skin damage from pediculosis;
  • The presence of visible signs of diseases of the nails, skin (rashes, spots, peeling) of the head, body, hands, feet or hair and the consumer can not provide a certificate from a medical institution about the absence of the risk with infectious diseases;
  • The client has clear signs of a viral disease;
  • Eating and drinking during the procedures;
  • The administration of "BLADES" BarberShop is not responsible for any valuable items left in the public areas if they are not handed over to the administrator for safekeeping;
  • In order to maintain a comfortable environment during the procedure, loud conversations and the use of cell phones are not recommended. We recommend setting " mute mode" on your cell phone;
  • Delicately share the general space in the "BLADES" barbershop with other customers;
  • Smoking is not allowed in the “BLADES” Barber Shop;
  • Please be sensitive to slight time changes and appointment adjustments;
  • Tips to a specialist are up to your personal consideration.

In order to avoid troubles, please ask the administrator of “BLADES” BarberShop in Аadvance for the price of the service. We hope you understand and respect the rules of internal etiquette in the barbershop.We wish you a pleasant service.

Administration of the “BLADES” BarberShop