Blades Barber Shop has become more than just a place to get a cool haircut. Times and situations around you change quickly, but Blades is always your space, where things are stable. We know precisely how you want it. We put a part of ourselves into this space. We are changing the standards of the barbering, no matter what you want: the classic or trendy modernity. We combine experience and innovation.


Our strengths are not only the comfortable service and hospitality, but also the professionalism, speed and chemistry between the barber and the guest.


Blades is where you are always welcomed. It is a calm and comfortable place. You're free to express your individuality, while we will switch from words to deeds.

Our values:

1. Synergy and unity of vision between guest and barber.

We see the potential of your haircut to the smallest detail. If you're willing to trust us, we're sure to do everything in the best possible way. It is our prerogative: to make every guest look their best.

2. Care and attention to everyone.

Our administrators will always remind you about the visit, and the atmosphere in the barbershop allows you to relax and feel the taste of life as it is in the moment.

3. Professionalism and results.

Barbers with an appreciation of their work is the best and most important thing that awaits you at the Blades.